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Trinity Bible Church


A Walk Down A Country Road

Scripture Reading: John 14:15-21


We are never nearer Christ than when we find ourselves lost in a

 holy amazement at His unspeakable love. —John Owen



oston Symphony Hall was packed for a performance of the Handel and Haydn Society. The program for this particular night in May 2019 featured Mozart’s “Masonic Funeral Music.” The audience loved it. So they were ready to applaud when the final notes died away. The conductor’s baton was still raised — but before the audience could start applauding, a little kid said, “Wow!”

 The acoustics are great in Boston Symphony Hall. Everyone heard it.

 According to CBS Sunday Morning, the conductor, Harry Christophers, sent emails to the attendees in an attempt to find the child. An online search began and eventually the child was found. He was Ronan Martin, 9, and he attended the concert with his grandfather, Stephen.

 Ronan is on the autism scale and “doesn’t spontaneously come out with a lot of expressions on how he is feeling,” said his grandfather. His breathtaking “wow” therefore takes on even greater significance. David Snead, the president and CEO of the Handel and Haydn Society, said that “the boy brought so much joy to the entire audience.”

 And how did the conductor react to the child? “It changed my life,” he said.

 Ronan’s “wow” and the conductor’s response set me to thinking. Looking out my window at the pine trees as the sunshine glides down their massive trunks –– is this not worthy of a daily “wow”?

 Yet, not everyone has a pine tree outside their window. What if you’re looking at a parking lot? Perhaps you don’t have a window in your room.

 From whence do the “wows” of our lives come?

 Ultimately, the wonder, the amazement, the joy, the wows of life come from God. Every blessing, large or small, is a God-given wow-moment in which to offer praise.  

 Ronan has challenged me to take note of my surroundings and express an appreciative wow; I am hopeful this will change my life. 

 Melanie Silva



Prayer: We confess, O God, that we have a tendency to be complacent — to take you for granted. We are often silent when we should be saying, “Wow.” Help us to be more aware of the wow-moments of life, and give you the praise. In Jesus’ name. Amen.